An extremely powerful and convenient tool for web developers

Using svApp not only helps PHP programmers develop custom applications more easily, it also offers the ultimate set of tools for Front-End developers in one unified and consistent package. Built-in SCSS preprocessor, a custom SCSS framework including a high-res imagery layer pre-set, an option to turn on a translucent grid to achieve maximum precision aligning individual elements within containers, and SEO-optimised code outputting all combine to create an amalgamation of a rock-solid base for Front-End development process.

A modern, MVC foundation

A fully-featured Model-View-Controller architectural pattern splits svApp into three dependent parts - controllers, which communicate with models and then update the views, forming the output representation of information or content. This helps developers link the Back-End functionality to the Front-End visuals seamlessly.

Tailored template engine

svApp uses its own output kernel crafted from ground up to maximise the effectiveness whilst maintaining outstanding performance. Inspired by Smarty and suchlike, but made extremely simple and light-weight makes it exceptionally easy to pick up.